FOILS in FOCUS – Compact branch information
Recent trends around the topic acrylic.

The FOILS in FOCUS is an irregularly published branch magazine focused on
foil processing. This magazine is less promotional, but rather informative
including professional articles of different partners.
It is possible to download it as pdf file.

Format: DIN A3 folded to DIN long high – 4 pages.

Your eurolaser team wishes you a lot of fun at reading!

FOILS in FOCUS - Edition 1 1st edition, August 2013

Trends and innovations in the processing of foils
The specialist magazine ’FOILS in FOCUS’ deals with
current topics on all aspects of the subject processing
foils. It addresses market trends, examples of applications
and innovative products as well as production techniques.
In particular, it presents efficient solutions to processing
- from the material to the printing to the final cutting

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Collaborating companies

Products / Laser machines for foils  •   Laser cutting of foils in comparison
Machines for Laser cutting and Laser marking of plastics
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