Foils - processing variety

Plastic foils are produced for a range of branches and countless areas of application. The range of materials is consequently as great as the profiles of requirements which the market imposes on the material and its processing. Whether used for consumer electronics, household goods, the advertising or car industries - the range of possible applications is nowadays so comprehensive...

Digital printing of membrane keyboards

The use of flat foil-based control panels has become standard for a range of products throughout the world. In addition to the requirements regarding durability and quality, the economic printing of foils remains a major topic of interest. High print quality combined with particular resistance to wear and environmental sustainability are typical demands which the print specialists...

Precision in cutting printed keyboards

The demand for quality and reliability in respect of the keyboard elements is high, and continues to increase. Keyboards must be permanently usable under a particular set of conditions and must overcome external influences such as humidity or soiling. Flexibility, ease of cleaning and a high level of resilience are decisive criteria, which are to be fulfilled.

What advantage does the laser cutting of foils offer?

The extensive range of products and ever shorter delivery times mean that calls for simpler production methods are getting louder all the time. Punching, knife cutting, or laser cutting? Every procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we compare the different methods.

Strong adhesion through high performance connection systems

Foils are often also used where the end user does not even see them. We are, of course, talking about adhesive tapes. On the one hand, high-tech adhesive tapes excel thanks to high levels of adhesion, on the other, they offer unbeatable advantages over traditional fixing methods such as screws.

Laser cutting of PVC foils?

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most frequently used plastics for the production of foils. How are PVC foils best processed, and what do you need to take into account if you want to use a laser to cut them?

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