The right Plexiglas® for every application
Depending upon the intended use of the Plexiglas®, there are now different varieties available which differ from each other in terms of their particular properties. On the one hand, there are different manufacturing processes which affect the material properties, thus making them suitable for different applications and processing methods. On the other hand, there are specially developed varieties produced specifically for particular uses.
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Material behaviour during laser processing

Differences in the material also necessitate differences in their processing. Even the choice between cast or extruded acrylic significantly affects the results of cutting and engraving. However, the choice of material is not the only consideration. Often things can affect the quality of the cut edge which would, at first sight, appear to be insignificant.
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Laser processing of large format acrylic

That acrylic can easily be worked on with a CO2 laser is no longer a secret. Nevertheless, setting the parameters such as cutting speed, focussing or laser power is only one part of the whole. A specially developed laser system configuration, the ’ACRYLIC series’ with a maximum working area of 3,200 x 3,200 mm creates new possibilities.
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Secure bonding without screws

The shaped acrylic frequently needs to be secured in an additional step. The demands on the joins are very high. High-Tech adhesive tapes offer the perfect solution. In addition to the other advantages over conventional mounting techniques such as screws, the many available variants mean that adhesive tapes always offer the perfect solution.
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Save money and benefit the environment

What has long been widespread with metals, can also be applied to plastics. Used plastic products and production waste can be sent for recycling, so that, thanks to the latest technology, they can be turned back into high purity granules.
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Plastics turn "green"

Various application possibilities of plastics involve increasing demands for the material. The demand for environmentally sound products continues to grow. In addition to biodegradable plastics, the recent past has seen more research being conducted in the field of bio-based plastics.
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